Best Bathroom Scales: Our Top UK Selections

We have picked out our best rated products for October 2021.

Best Pick Bathroom Scales: Our Score = 94%

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Salter Doctor Style Mechanical Bathroom Scales, Accurate Weighing In kg, st,lbs,...
  • FUSS-FREE AND DEPENDABLE - Our Doctor’s Style...
  • RETRO AND STURDY - Designed with a large analogue dial...
  • NO BUTTONS, NO BATTERIES, NO HASSLE - These mechanical...

Best Rated Bathroom Scales: Most Positive Reviews

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RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scales Weighing Scale with High Precision Sensors Body Weight...
  • High precision measurements - 4 high precision sensors...
  • Easy to use - Sturdy tempered glass platform is...
  • Step-on technology - The self-calibrated bathroom scale...
  • Sleek design - Modern and sleek design fits perfectly...

Best Cheap Bathroom Scales: Still A Great Option

Best Budget
Digital Electronic Bathroom Scale Bath Scales 180KG Backlit Weight Management (Black)
  • Large capacity 180KG Platform, 280mm*280mm size
  • LCD Screen with Blue Backlight
  • Step on Technology compare with old style tap on
  • 2* AAA Batteries inclusive

How To Choose The Right Bathroom Scales In October 2021

While they may not be our favourite items, most people find bathroom scales a handy way to keep track of their weight. Traditional mechanical scales are perfectly adequate for this purpose, but they are no longer the only choice on the market. Anyone looking to invest in a new set of scales now has many other options available to them.

Types of scales

Scales fall into three broad categories: mechanical, digital, and smart scales (often referred to as body fat analyser scales).

Mechanical scales are traditional scales with a needle and dial display. They require no batteries, and usually have both imperial (stones and pounds) and metric (kilograms) units on their display. Plastic versions can be found very cheaply, with more expensive metal designs also available.

They’ll need to be set manually to zero, and aren’t as accurate as the other types of scales, but can be a good option for someone who just wants to keep a casual eye on their weight.

Digital scales are far more accurate than mechanical scales, often displaying fractions of pounds or decimal points of kilograms, and automatically zero themselves every time they’re turned on.

Their displays are generally much easier to read than mechanical scales, and in addition many models have the ability to store users’ details in their memory, enabling everyone in the household to keep track of their weight more easily. You will also be able to choose whether to have the display in metric or imperial units.

Smart scales offer a whole range of different functions, and can run from £15 up to £200. The body fat analyser works by sending a mild electric pulse through the body (this is perfectly safe, but not recommended for use by individuals with internal electronic devices such as pacemakers or who are pregnant). The electrical current moves more slowly through fatty tissue, more quickly through lean, and gives the reading in terms of body fat percentage.

Some models with also tell you your lean body mass, body water percentage, BMI, and even bone density. For accuracy, you’ll need to enter details such as your height and gender, which can be stored as a user profile.

More advanced smart scales, such as the Garmin and Fitbit models, also offer WiFi integration with the relevant smart phone apps, and can be used to track progress in fitness programs.

Other considerations

Above all other features, good scales should be sturdy and easy to use – no one wants to have to replace them on a regular basis. With the wide range of scales available, you’ll certainly be able to find ones that will suit your intended usage, but also consider where they’ll fit and who’ll be using them. Small scales with a tiny display are no good if you can’t see the numbers, and if you can’t step fully on the foot pads you may get inaccurate readings.

Make sure your scales are suitable for where they’ll be used, also. As they’re commonly kept in the bathroom, it’s worth making sure that your scales are resistant to humidity.