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Best Pick Spice Grinder: Our Score = 94%

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1000g Electric Grain Grinder Spice Grain Mill Stainless Steel 30s 25000RPM High...
  • 👍MULTIPURPOSE GRINDER MILL - Applicable to...
  • 👍180°SWING TYPE:Swing type is more convenient...

Best Rated Spice Grinder: Most Positive Reviews

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Cuisinart Style Collection Electric Spice & Nut Grinder | Midnight Grey | SG21U
  • Use this electric spice grinder to create the perfect...
  • Specially designed stainless steel blades crush and...
  • Stainless steel grinding bowls will not mark or scratch...
  • Comes with two bowls so you can separately grind sweet...

Best Cheap Spice Grinder: Still A Great Option

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SQ Professional Blitz Coffee Grinder - Spice Grinding Mill - One-Touch (Black)
  • 150W Powerful Motor with high grinding efficiency
  • Practical One-Touch function
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Blades
  • 45g Compact Storage

How To Buy A Spice Grinder (Updated May 2022)

With an abundance of ground spices to be found in the aisles of your local supermarket, it’s understandable to question the necessity of having a spice grinder at all. But, just as fresh herbs are tastier than dried, so too do freshly ground spices add an extra dimension to your cooking.

Spice grinders also give you the ability to mix up your own combinations of spices, particularly valuable in Asian cooking, and some will even serve as coffee, nut and grain grinders. They can truly be a very versatile piece of equipment!

While not a complicated appliance, there are a few things to consider when choosing your spice grinder:

Powered or manual

Manual spice grinders can be exceptionally attractive, either in vintage styling with large handles, or sleek modern designs similar to pepper mills. With no need to connect to mains power, they won’t take up power points in the kitchen, and can be used outdoors to add a bit of style to your barbecue, or even taken camping and caravanning with you. This is particularly handy if you like freshly ground coffee in the campsite!

The down side of manual grinders is that, for people with arthritis, RSI or other hand issues, they may be difficult to manipulate. They also take longer to grind the spices to the desired coarseness, so for some cooks may be more hassle than pleasure. In this case, a powered grinder may be a better option. Using chopping blades rather than the grinding gears of their manual counterparts, they’re efficient and easy to use, and have the added advantage that many models will allow you to combine wet and dry ingredients, such as for making a curry paste.

Removable parts

Being able to remove the spice bowl from the grinder for proper cleaning not only makes it more hygienic, it also prevents the cross-contamination of spices. This is particularly important if you think you will also be using the grinder for coffee, nuts, or other non-spice items.

Capacity and size

Most spice grinders have a capacity of about 70g, which is usually more than adequate. However, some are smaller, and it’s worth checking to make sure it’ll be big enough for your needs. Somewhat related to this, it’s also worth considering the physical size of the grinder. Some very small manual models intended for dry spices will fit nicely in your spice rack, but may be tricky to fill, while a larger grinder may take up valuable cupboard or counter space.


Always check that your spice grinder is safe for wet ingredients, if that’s your intended use. Some are strictly for dry goods, and adding oil or fresh ingredients can not only clog the blades, but render the grinder inoperable. In addition, it’s also worth considering exactly what you’ll be using your grinder for before purchasing. Some are able to cope with everything from nuts and whole cinnamon sticks right through to fennel seeds, while others are less robust and intended only for lighter use. Some models will have automatic cut-outs for if the motor gets too hot, but others are easy to overwork – either way, it’s best to be sure your grinder fits your needs.