Which Is The Best Strimmer Money Can Buy In The UK?

We have picked out our best rated items in 2021.

Top Rated Strimmer: Our Review Score = 98%

Best Overall
BOSCH 06008A9070 Strimmer AFS 23-37 (three-prong blade, spool for cutting line, 3x...
  • The AFS 23-37 Grass Trimmer – for exceptional results...
  • Optimum balance for any user thanks to adjustable belt...
  • Impressive cutting results thanks to powerful 950 W...
  • Easy to change between blade and cutting line for large...

Best Cheap Strimmer: Still Does The Job Well

Best Budget
Flymo Mini Trim ST Electric Grass Trimmer, 230 W, Cutting Width 21 cm
  • Powerful 230 watt motor
  • 21 cm manual feed single line head
  • 6 metre mains cable with cable storage facility
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Best Strimmer Deal: Big Saving Right Now

Hot DealBest Saving
Bosch 06008A5870 ART 24 Electric Grass Trimmer, Cutting Diameter 24 cm
  • The Bosch ART 24 corded grass trimmer has an high power...
  • It automatic twin line cutting system lets you storm...
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and easy grass...
  • It has a 90 degree rotating cutter head which allows...


Garden Strimmer Buying Guide 2021

There are seldom few tools more useful than a strimmer when it comes to gardening. Strimmers are essential for keeping overgrown grass, shrubbery and weeds under control. Although these are simple machines to use and maintain but finding the right strimmer is difficult as there are many options on the market to choose from.

There are a lot of features that will vary depending on the model of strimmer you’re looking at. Let’s explore the various features of different strimmers available on the market, so you can make the best choice for your garden.

CORDED ELECTRIC: Electric strimmers are simpler to start and maintain than other models. They also run cleaner and quieter. Corded electric trimmers provide constant power without recharging and excluding the weight of a battery. They are perfect for working in noise sensitive areas like hospitals, care homes and schools.

CORDLESS ELECTRIC: A downside of corded strimmer is it requires an extension cord, which limits the size of the work area and makes it difficult to manage if you have trees or other obstacles in your yard. Cordless strimmers are costly than corded ones but provides more mobility.

FUEL POWERED: A petrol trimmer gives you more power and endurance to deal with large areas and thicker grass. They offer mobility and long runtimes. This is why most brush cutters are petrol powered. However, they are heavier and louder than other models and require more servicing.

LENGTH OF THE SHAFT: You should to be able to use your strimmer comfortably, ideally without having to bend. Even if you’re tall, you should find most modern grass trimmers can extend to a comfortable length. So, check the height of the grass trimmer and check if the shaft is adjustable or whether it has a telescopic handle.

SHAPE OF THE SHAFT: A curved shaft strimmer is good for trimming in tight areas and makes it easier to control the device. A straight shaft strimmer can reach under obstacles such as decks, shrubs and benches without difficulty.

EXTRA FUNCTIONALITY: For marginally more than a dedicated grass trimmer, you can purchase a strimmer which will feature an interchangeable cutting head. Along with a 2-sting nylon cutting head, you’ll also get a 3 or 4 tooth metal cutting blade which is ideal to cut through thick weeds, shrub or overgrown grass that is challenging to a strimmer’s nylon cord.

SINGLE-LINE OR DUAL-LINE: Strimmers come with either one or two lines. Single-line heads simplify winding new trimming line. Dual-line heads trim faster, cutting twice with each revolution.

TYPE OF CUTTING HEAD: Bump heads feed trimming line from the spool when you tap the cutting head against the ground. Automatic feed heads use centrifugal force to release new line as needed. Manual feed heads are the ones where the user stops the strimmer and pulls out more line.

VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL: This provides different levels of power control for different cutting conditions. This feature can be handy when trying to cut thicker areas of grass or weeds, or when not needing as much power and wanting to preserve battery life.